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Alla Xul Elu Interview

Alla Xul Elu Interview

Alla Xul Elu have just dropped their brand new ep “Church of Xul”, we speak exclusively with members Billy Obey, Joe Black and Lee Carver. The outcome? We still don’t really know! It’s safe to say this is the most bizarre, explicit, crude, vial and straight up entertaining interview we have done. You have been warned:

We discuss narrowly losing the 2018 Underground Album of the Year but winning others, the Axe Is Family tour, being signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment, what the future holds, new videos, new masks and much more!

Pick up their new ep “Church of Xul” at the MNE Store:


The new album will be available soon right here in Australia at Majik Ninja Australia:




April 27th, 2019

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