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G-Mo Skee “8 Bit Filth” ep

G-Mo Skee “8 Bit Filth” ep

The next chapter in MNE’s “Welcome To The Underground Collection” comes from the undergrounds FILTHIEST rapper, G-Mo Skee! This 8 Bit Filth EP takes beats themed after some of G-Mo’s favourite video games and adds his special mix of the FILTH. Get The 8 Bit Filth EP now for the special preorder only price of $8.88 and look for MNA pre orders soon!

Track Listing:

Artist: G-Mo Skee

Album: 8 Bit Filth EP

Track Listing:

  1. Final Boss II
  2. Skates
  3. Glith ft. Inf Gang
  4. Trouble
  5. 8 Bit Filth
  6. Fade Up ft. Crowda, King Gordy, & Jamie Madrox
  7. Can’t Lose
  8. Final Stage


March 8th, 2018

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