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The R.O.C – Digital Voodoo Review

The R.O.C – Digital Voodoo Review

Album: The R.O.C “Digital Voodoo”
Release Date: April 14th, 2017
Reviewer: Sky Hayes
Label: Majik Ninja EntertainmentHe’s back get your holy water everyone’s cursed! The R.O.C.s latest release lives up to its name! Digital voodoo leaves listeners mesmerised and caught in an audio trance.
This long awaited album is a recipe of dopeness peppered with an assortment of 18 undeniably talented features each acting as it’s own an ingredient adding to the flavour of this masterpiece of an ear meal. If your eardrums had taste buds digital voodoo would be what they hunger for!
The R.O.C. Steps into the limelight with his first ever music video for the album titled track “Digital Voodoo” you can check it out here:

Digital voodoo is sure to tick any box on your list from the wicked album art that depicts a skeletal R.O.C. Pix-elated in an aura of green, to songs that you’ll find stay plaguing your mind including the chalmer, clouds black out the sun, and sleeper cell.
Weather you’re an old fan, a new fan or not a fan you will not be disappointed with the effort put into this album. There has been a noticeable improvement on production and mastering in comparison to some of his older albums.

The concepts of the songs are well considered and the features complement the R.O.C.s classic hip hop voice and swagger. Throughout the unique instrumentals of this 14 track LP  you’ll find yourself bopping/singing  along and realising that there is still plenty of gas left in the R.O.C.s tank. Digital Voodoo is an easy choice to leave  on repeat, a definite early contestant for album of the year!
Purchase and check out The R.O.C.s “Digital Voodoo” for yourself here:



April 23rd, 2017

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