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Unearth – Watchers Of Rule

Unearth – Watchers Of Rule

There’s something about heavy music that taps in to our primal instincts and satisfies the beast with in us all, not that everyone will admit that of course!

Unearth is one band that easily satisfies the inner beasts hunger with a brutal mix of heavy guitars, with thundering bass and pounding drums that make you want to raise your horns to the sky and bang your head with absolute intensity, and all that topped off with the blistering vocals of “Trevor Phipps” to create a dynamic of heaviness!

Unearth certainly accomplish this with their latest album “Watchers Of Rule” by combining the all out power of old school thrash from the likes of Slayer and Testament, the technicality of Lamb Of God, and incorporating the aggression of Cannibal Corpse! “Watchers Of Rule” is a sonic assault on the senses that make you scream for more.

Check out “The Swarm”:

The aggressive vocal style of Phipps blends well with the clean style of Ken Susi, adding a deeper dimension to the aggresso-clean switch made famous by the likes of Burton C Bell and Corey Taylor. Buz McGrath’s guitar work compliments Ken Susi’s lead work, while Nick Pierce thunders away on the drums with a style of precision similar to the likes of Joey Jordison and Dave Lombardo! Bassist John “Slo” Maggard rounds out the outfit with phenomenal bass that would make Cliff Burton bang his head in appreciation.

“Watchers Of Rule” is an amazingly intense album from the opening track all the way through to the final notes of the last, and is well worth adding to any collection.

“Watchers Of Rule” is out NOW through eOne in North America, Century Media in Europe and 3 Wise in Australia.

You can also find out more about recording the album in our exclusive interview with vocalist Trevor Phipps right here:



December 1st, 2014

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