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Wicked Wood “Simulated Reality” Out Now

Wicked Wood “Simulated Reality” Out Now

Wiked Wood, the underground hip-hop duo consisting of Cray-Z and Grave-Bait, have released their latest album Simulated Reality. It is an epic collection of nine tracks slapped full of booming bass, thought-provoking vocals, and scathing wordplay, all designed to leave you second guessing the very nature of your own existence…

The record features a blend of underground favourites including: D-Lyrical, Tre LB of Chop Shop, Scum, Damien Quinn of Dark Half, Whitney Peyton, Lex The Hex Master, Lady Morgan aka Tali Demon and more.

Simulated Reality is an experience, a journey into realms unknowable, reflecting many (simulated?) real-life triumphs and tragedies. The project swings an unstoppable quantum hammer into infinite immovable possibilities and loudly rings in a new era of excellence for Wiked Wood.

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December 21st, 2020

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