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Upcoming Underground

We have a whole bunch of flavour heading your way in the next couple of weeks! Not one, or two but THREE big time podcasts are dropping on your ear holes!

First up we’ve been sitting on a Jimmy Donn special for a couple of months, waiting on Jimmy to get us some fresh promo pics (slacker, haha) we’ve decided it needs to be heard before it gets too out of date! This is a full “Jimmy Donn” special which covers the future of Sicfux, his rap career and a whole lot more.. Look for this one real soon!

Secondly our most recent interview saw a 4am wake up call to talk to the one and only dead man “Blaze Ya Dead Homie” during the week. The problem with these early starts is you don’t really wake up until the interview’s are almost over, haha. With that being said we cover everything you NEED to know! Dark Lotus, Zodiac Imprint, Drive By, touring and a bunch more. This one is a must listen and drops sooner than you think!

Last but certainly not least we are releasing an old school fun podcast featuring movie reviews, a GOLD prank phone call on Herbz, sport talk with “Blaze Ya Dead Homie” and one of the funniest interviews we’ve done to date with “Chuck Hittinger” ¬†who plays Matt on one of our favourite movies ever “Sharknado”. We’ve been sitting on this interview for awhile and never really known where to put it, until now! This edition also features our good friend and leader of the “Amin Army” Nim as a special co host, and will quite possibly be the most entertaining show to date!


March 22nd, 2014

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