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Album of the Year (Over 50k) – Live Countdown Show

Album of the Year (Over 50k) – Live Countdown Show

The fourth annual “Underground Album of the Year” is a little different this year, we’ve split it into two categories! Those artists with above 50 k Facebook likes and those artists with below 50k likes, a massive congratulations goes out to Bloodstepp who won the “Under 50k” category narrowly defeating Playboy the Beast! Relive the Countdown here:


That just leaves us with one unanswered question, who is the winner of the big one? “The Above 50k” section is set to be determined this Monday January 20th. Fitz and I will hit the studio and countdown the “Top 10” albums of 2013 and as per always we will speak exclusively to the winner, its all happening in just a few days time!

Peep the times:

Jan 20th – 5pm AEST

Jan 19th – 10pm USA (West Coast)

Jan 20th – 1am (USA East Coast)

To find out what time this streams live in your part of the world use the below time converter:


If you can’t hear the live stream we’ll have it up for download after it has gone live, you DO NOT want to miss this one!


January 17th, 2014

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