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Album of the Year: Twiztid – The Darkness (Exclusive Interview)

Album of the Year: Twiztid – The Darkness (Exclusive Interview)

The 2015 album of the year is done and dusted and in one of the closest countdowns ever with thousands of entries, the demented duo once again reigns supreme with their album “The Darkness”. We caught up with Jamie Madrox and Monoxide to discuss their win and attempt to get them to answer some questions, one things for sure their reaction is nothing short of comedy gold and is a must listen:

The 2015 Underground Album of the Year Results:

1. Twiztid – The Darkness
2. Twisted Insane – VooDoo
3. Young Wicked – Slaughter
4. ICP – The Marvelous Missing Link Lost & Found
5. Tech N9ne – Special Effects
6. Heated Muzic – The Sample
7. Madchild – Silver Tongue Devil
8. California Bear Gang – Ursus Arctos Californicus
9. Hopsin – Pound Syndrome
10. Dalima – Cutthroat
11. Prozak – Black Ink
12. Corpse Circus – Only The Dead Survive
13. MayDay – Future Music
14. Kottonmouth Kings – Krown Power
15. DJ Paul – Master of Evil

Relive the Countdown:


January 27th, 2016

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