UG Debut
January 2012

Love him or hate him (we choose option A) there’s no denying Necro is one of the biggest names in the Underground scene with a work ethic second to none, he’s not afraid to speak his mind either! Controversy and the name Necro go hand in hand as his highly explicit lyrics and violent shows keep many people worried of just what he’s going to do next!

Nec featured on the show in January of 2012 and to this day it is still one of our most highly downloaded interviews where he covered all things including “The Godfather’s” (his side project with Kool G Rap), The Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill” EP and how he knocked out a guy in an Australian coffee shop! Don’t stress though he doesn’t hold it against all Australians, this also explains why he hasn’t been back on our shores despite the heavy demand!

We’re big fans of Necro here at “The Underground” and look forward to having him on the show once again, keep your eyes on him who knows what he may do next!