Open Minded

Open Minded
Open Minded
UG Debut
September 2012

We’ve often joked that there must be something in the water in Minnesota, there just seems to be so much Underground talent coming out of there! Open Minded is a great example of just that and maybe whatever it is that’s in that water may explain Phatboi Phresh and why he wears that little hat, haha!

Phatty first popped up on the show in September of 2012 where he was hyping up his album “Headaches & Cigarettes”. Phatty and the boys were actually broken down on the side of a road in Chicago at the time, but being a true trooper the interview went ahead as he pushed his car down three blocks…. Awesome!

Since then Open Minded has exploded in the Underground scene releasing the amazing “Shades Of Grey” and Phatty Mikilla and Monkey once again featured on the show. Only problem being Monkey couldn’t understand our Australian accents, once again making a very interesting interview!

Keep yours eyes on Open Minded as they look to take the Underground world by storm and make it their own! These guys are most definitely right up there with our favourites and their future looks to be a great one, Phatty may even take off that little hat! We doubt it though…