Strange Music
UG Debut
September 2012

This Slumerican rapper famous for his super quick style of rap and his crazy head of hair is fast becoming one of the biggest rappers on the planet!

Rittz first featured on “The Underground” in September of 2012, this was right before he blew up! He is now signed to Strange Music and has released his debut album “The Life & Times Of Jonny Valiant” to rave reviews.

Since then Rittz has popped back on the show in June of 2013 where we decided to ask him some of the questions that he rapped about in his “My Interview” song, the track where he made fun of interviewers asking him the same questions over and over! The result was all sorts of funny and Rittz was a real sport about it!

The future is beyond bright for Yelawolf’s partner in crime and only time will tell just how much of an impact he has on the world, our guess? A big one! It’s one of our goals in life to bring Rittz on a tour down under, once again time will tell!