Sicfux Entertainment/Dopesic

Sicfux Entertainment/Dopesic
Sicfux Entertainment/Dopesic
Sicfux Entertainment
UG Debut
April 2011

The Underground and Sicfux entertainment first teamed up in April of 2011 and our relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since. We most definitely consider ourselves Sicfux!

Jimmy Donn the C.E.O and member of Dopesic is now considered a regular as is Killa Capone, who we consider to be one of the most under rated and most talented artists in the entire Underground! We will say that until we’re blue in the face “DO NOT SLEEP ON KILLA CAPONE!!”

Big KingPin has also featured on the show and the official Sicfux DJ, DJ Demik has as well, see we’re not joking when we say we’re all about the Sicfux! Music, Movies, they’re very own clothing label…they’ve done it all!

They’ve even signed with power house  record label Universal music, not a bad effort hey? Where are they from? Yep you guessed it.. Minnesota!