Stir Crazy

Stir Crazy
Stir Crazy
UG Debut
December 2012

Jesse “Stir Crazy” is an Underground favourite, making his Underground debut In December of 2012 alongside MadChild this edition proved to be very popular amongst Underground listeners! Stir Crazy is the first full time music producer we’ve had on the show and we are proud to use his beats exclusively throughout Underground Radio!

So just how legit is Stir Crazy? Hows this for a resume?

The Insane Clown Posse (Psychopathic Records), Twiztid, Lil Wyte, Kottonmoth Kings and Potluck (Suburban Noize), Bizarre of D-12, Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), Chop Shop, T.O.N.Ez (Emmy Nominated) and many others.

Not only is Stir Crazy a super music producer he has also delved in to many other successful enterprises including creating  his own energy drink, action figures, merchandise and much more! Stir is one of the most genuine people we have come across in the Underground scene and is more than happy for us to use his beats in any of our “Out There” projects!