Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne
Tech N9ne
Strange Music
UG Debut
September 2010

“Tech N9ne will never go mainstream, the mainstream will go Tech”, these are words straight from the horses mouth. You don’t agree?

Yes it’s true that he has featured many big name artists on his more recent albums and it may appear that way, hell it may even be true to a point! Tech N9ne however has remained loyal to his Underground up bringing and despite well and truly blowing up he always makes time for us at “The Underground”!

We don’t hide that fact that we represent the antipop, but Tech is still more then happy to jump on board, phone interviews, video interviews he’s done it all with your Underground homies! So quit your complaining and be happy that the mainstream is finally starting to see the light, be happy for him.. Hard work pays off!

After all what would you prefer to be listening to if you were forced to listen to the  radio or watch mtv? Think about it..