The Urban Legend of Syn

The Urban Legend of Syn
The Urban Legend of Syn
UG Debut
September 2010

The Urban Legend of Syn was heavily involved with the reavamp of “The Undergroud” featuring all over the show in late 2010! In September Syn popped up on our very first “Home Grown” segment, where we put the spotlight on some of our very best Australian talent! He then followed things up in October in our revamped “Halloween to Split Your Spleen” special and wrapped things up in December of 2010 on the Christmas show!

It’s safe to say we have a lot of love for The Urban Legend who really helped us out in the early days with getting our name out there to his fans, we are forever grateful for his help!

Did we mention the guy can straight out perform? He can certainly do that with his “Jacked Off Mixtape 2” being a cult classic amongst fans. Featuring such tracks as Synstability, Jacob’s Song and Monsters Ball. The Urban Legend Of Syn, has brought diversity to the world of Australian Underground Music.., the all singing, all dancing legend is here to stay!