UG Debut
January 11, 2014

Jamie Madrox and Monoxide (formerly Child) make up the demented duo “Twiiiiiztid” a rap duo from Detroit. When it comes to entertainment value Twiztid are second to none, oozing with enthusiasm and just all around charisma. Once again Twiztid are one of those groups that have done it all starring alongside the Insane Clown Posse in Big Money Hustlas and Rustlas, entertaining the Underground world with their crazy radio shows and of course they’re responsible for some of the best Underground music in the world today! Since leaving Psychopathic Records Twiztid has gone from strength to strength even winning our “Underground Album of the Year” in 2013, amazingly doing so with an EP (A New Nightmare)! Is there nothing these two can’t do? With a fresh start off the Hatchet Twiztid are set to make the Underground their own, the future is beyond bright!

January 11, 2014 found Madrox and Monoxide on “The Underground” for the very first time where they accepted the award for the years best album. The result? Well it was an interesting one with Madrox yelling a lot and both of them managing to answer all of our questions without really answering them at all!

Twiztid are an Underground favourite and we are proud to have had them on the show, keep an eye on the demented duo the future holds very big things!