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New Interview: Blaze Ya Dead Homie

New Interview: Blaze Ya Dead Homie

With the Casket Factory dropping in just over a weeks’ time, what better time to talk with Blaze Ya Dead Homie? None! Right? The Dead Man has a crazy busy last twelve months that included a headlining tour with Boondox, heading to Australia, getting back on the road with Twiztid for another tour and somewhere inbetween all of that he’s managed to hit the studio and record a new album “The Casket Factory” which drops January 15th. Not only this but he’s already knocked out a new video for it (They Call That Gangsta) and his sporting a whole new look, the Dead Man is not looking back as he is set to make 2016 his year!

We talk to Blaze about recording the album, filming the video, new projects, Coffin Break episodes, Australia, the status of Zodiac Mprint, Majik Ninja Entertainment and even throw in an in house joke or two. We’re calling it early 2016 is the year of “Majik Ninja Entertainment” and Blaze’s “The Casket Factory” album is the perfect way to get things started!

Still haven’t ordered it? Shame on you!

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January 8th, 2016

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