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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interview

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interview

The Underground Assault is less than a month away! Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox and Kidcrusher hit up Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, four nights of mayhem! We caught up with Blaze on Friday to chat about his expectations of the show and to find out just how excited he is to get out here! The Dead Man’s phone reception was so bad he climbed a tree so he could hear us, later on in the interview he relocated to the middle of a paddock where he was being followed around by a lawnmower, haha! This made for an extra interesting interview.

Blaze is truly one of the most awesome people we’ve had on the show! He answers all of your fan questions, gives us updates on Drive-By, Zodiac Mprint and his new album the “Casket Factory” plus we once again put him to the Australian slang challenge! This time there’s more at stake, we give both Blaze and Boondox the exact same question and whoever loses has to box a kangaroo! The result? Hilarious!

Take some time out and enter the mind of the dead man has he drops some knowledge bombs and we spin some of our favourite dead man tracks! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… Well you may not cry! Just Listen now:

If you live in Australia don’t miss your chance to see Blaze live in concert with Boondox, Kidcrusher and some of the best Underground acts in Australia. Brisbane see’s locals Bad Mood Movement and Smacktown’s N3 the Viking, In Sydney Sub and Creep and Smacktown will get things going, Melbourne sees the return of Smacktown and Jam Jam and Cyph Symmetry! Last but certainly not least Adelaide sees the first set from “The Urban Legend of Syn” in over ten years and N3 the Viking wraps up his fourth Assault show in as many nights! This tour WILL BE the Underground tour of the year, spread the word homies we’re less than a month away:

We’ve kept tickets cheap at just $50 plus booking fees, so there are no excuses!
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o Thursday June 25th – Hi Fi Bar, Brisbane
o Friday June 26th – Hi Fi Bar, Sydney
o Saturday June 27th – Hi Far Bar, Melbourne
o Sunday June 28th – Fowlers, Adelaide


May 31st, 2015

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