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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interview

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interview

You don’t get much more Underground then “Blaze Ya dead homie”, the guy is dead after all haha! This is the first time we’ve spoken with the dead man so we wanted to make it a good one throwing in a few tracks and making it a mini “Dead Homie” special. If you’re an Underground music fan you’re familiar with Blaze and know it’s been a long time since his last album (2010’s “Gang Rags”). So, why the wait? What is up on some new solo Blaze? How’s the new “Dark Lotus” coming along? How about side groups Zodiac Imprint and Drive By? We cover it all! Plus we get to the bottom of the “Twiztid” movie situation, will the dead man make an appearance? It was nothing short of awesome talking with Blaze we even talked sports for nearly 10 minutes covering the Detroit Pistons and Lions. Be on the lookout for that in our next show also featuring “Sharknado’s” Chuck Hittinger in April. For now kick back and find out the latest on everyone’s favourite dead man “Blaze”:


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March 28th, 2014

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