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Body Count – “Bloodlust” Review

Body Count – “Bloodlust” Review


Hip Hop and Metal are two extremely different genres of music however when it comes to their fans, they are equally as loyal! When the two sounds come together and form Body Count, it is nothing short of magical. Acts such as Anthrax teamed up with Public Enemy to give us “Bring The Noize”, Fear Factory have collaborated with Cypress Hill on numerous occasions. Even full bands such as Rage Against the Machine have successfully blended Heavy music with Hip Hop style lyrics.

In 1990 Rapper Ice T co-founded Body Count with Lead Guitarist and long-time friend Ernie C. Both were fans of heavy metal music and saw a gap in the hip hop market.  Body Count released their debut album in 1992 “Body Count” and were met with massive controversy over the track “Cop Killer” Later issues of “Body Count” featured the track “Freedom of Speech” in place of the questionable track.

Now in 2017 Body Count are set to release their 6th studio album “Bloodlust” and just like the bands previous albums, “Bloodlust” lyrically touches on a lot of current issues that are happening in the world today. With tracks varying from political themed “No Lives Matter” to street violence with tracks such as “Civil War”, “the Ski Mask Way” and “This Is Why We Ride”. “Bloodlust” features guest appearances from some of metals biggest names including Dave Mustaine of Megadeth , Max Cavalera of Soulfly and Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, “Bloodlust” also features an amazing cover version of Slayer’s iconic “Raining Blood” with an excerpt of “Postmortem”    to close out the track.

Stand out tracks include “Civil War”, “All Love Is Lost”, “Raining Blood/ Postmortem”, “Walk with Me” “No Lives Matter” and “Black Hoodie”. Body Count well and truly have cemented their legacy with “Bloodlust” and will go down in history as one of the most important albums of modern times.

You can listen to our exclusive Interview with Ernie C right here;

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Jase L Herbert


March 19th, 2017

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