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Brotha Lynch Hung: New Album – Kevlar

Brotha Lynch Hung: New Album – Kevlar

The highly anticipated new album “Kevlar” from Brotha Lynch Hung is set to drop February 22nd…

Here’s what Lynch had to say via facebook earlier today:

Good morning and Happy New Year! I hope that everybody is inspired as I am, today feels like a new year (even though it is) to me, I got a new album coming out, new video, new tour, new living quarters, new car, it just feels different. I don’t even wanna think about 2018 at this point , I hope everybody feels this way! Your gonna get a lot of Lynch this year,secret about my new album, I finallydid some beats on this album and that hasn’t happened since 2007, I have always felt better Bustin to my own beats. The M.O.O.D album will mostly be produced by me! I’m starting that today! I will be lookin to release this (Part 1) of a 2 part album later this year, the “Coathanga Strangler” is bacc from the @strangemusicinc 3 album trilogy! Day 1 of the first of the 2 albums! Let’s go!!!! Kevlar February 22ND Friday! Let’s go! #grrrarmy

The wait is almost over!

Keep up to date with Brotha Lynch Hung on his facebook page here:



January 2nd, 2019

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