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Cane Hill – Smile Review

Cane Hill – Smile Review

Artist: Cane Hill

Album: Smile

Release Date: Friday July 15th

Record Label: Rise Records

Reviewer: Jase L Herbert

Whenever the words “Heavy Metal” come up in today’s society, the initial response is always the same. “How can you listen to that? It’s just noise and screaming” Granted there is screaming in a lot of heavy music, but to us “Droogies” (metal fans) there is more to it than that! Each album tells a story that the listener can relate to.

So, when a band like Cane Hill comes along the nay sayers argument is no longer valid as the band easily combines aggressiveness with soft melodies. Forming in 2011 Cane Hill have a feel of mid Nineties Korn meets Static X which becomes an all-out masterpiece in their debut album “Smile” released Friday through Rise Records.

“Smile” from start to finish is an amazing album of driven drums, thundering bass and rhythmic guitars, all topped off with Elijah Witt’s powerful vocals.  You can check out the video for their first single from “Smile” (The New) Jesus right here:

Stand out tracks on “Smile” were hard to pick as each track on this album is amazing. You will be head banging and pumping your fists in the air from the opening track ”MGGDA” all the way through to the albums closer “Strange Candy”. “Smile” is an album that is a must have in any album collection.

Listen to our exclusive interview with vocalist Elijah Witt here:

       Cane Hill are hitting our shores in October with Bullet for my Valentine and Atreyu:

                                      Thurs Oct 20 Metro City in Perth (18+)

                                       Fri Oct 21 HQ in Adelaide (18+)

                                      Mon Oct 24 170 Russel in Melbourne (18+)

                                      Tues Oct 25 170 Russel in Melbourne (18+)

                                     Thurs Oct 27 Big Top in Sydney (Licensed All Ages)

                                     Fri Oct 28 Eatons Hill Brisbane (licensed All Ages)

Get your tickets  at https://theundergroundaustralia.com.au/events/page/3/

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 Jase L Herbert



July 14th, 2016

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