CAVALERA – From The Past Comes The Storms

May 31, 2024 - Underground News

Schizophrenia is an iconic album in terms of early thrash and death metal and Cavalera are set to re release the album June 21st through Nuclear Blast Records. The second single from the album entitled ‘From The Past Comes The Storms‘ features an epic Costin Chioreanu animated music video which you can check out below!

Speaking on the track the Cavalera brothers stated:

Max Cavalera states, “‘From The Past Comes The Storms’ is a ferocious album opener. It is a pioneer song using the ’80s Metal movement’s mentality. I love the apocalyptic vision in Costin’s video, bringing the circle of life and death and war and pain. This is going to be a banger to play live!”

Iggor Cavalera comments, “’From The Past Comes The Storms’ was one of the first songs we wrote for schizophrenia, also included in a demo version. I love the rawness between the old school black/death metal influences mixed with thrash. The video illustrates the vibe of the song very well!” 

CAVALERA – Schizophrenia
Release Date: June 21, 2024

1. Intro – Re-Recorded
2. From the Past Comes the Storms – Re-Recorded
3. To the Wall – Re-Recorded
4. Escape to the Void – Re-Recorded
5. Inquisition Symphony – Re-Recorded
6. Screams Behind the Shadows – Re-Recorded
7. Septic Schizo – Re-Recorded
8. The Abyss – Re-Recorded
9. R.I.P. (Rest in Pain) – Re-Recorded
10. Nightmares of Delirium – New, never released

Max Cavalera | Vocals, Guitar
Iggor Cavalera | Drums, Percussion
Igor Amadeus Cavalera | Bass
Travis Stone | Lead Guitar

Pre Order Schizophrenia here: https://cavalera.bfan.link/schizophrenia

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