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Devin The Dude Interview

Devin The Dude Interview

Ahead of his first ever Australian tour next month raps best kept secret “Devin The Dude” talks with us exclusively and we very quickly find out that Devin is indeed just that, a dude! We talk hip hop and how much it has changed since he started back in the day, is it for the better or worse? Devin is also working on his very own bbq sauce so will it be available worldwide? Will The Dude consider a return to the big screen after the amazingly funny “Highway”? What’s the update on his new album, when can we expect it? Plus we put Devin to the all-important Australian “Slang” challenge; The Dude believes he will school it! So does he? Find out now and listen in here:


August 12th, 2015

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