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Dez Fafara Interview

Dez Fafara Interview

Coal Chamber are without doubt one of the 90’s bands that helped pave the way for a new generation of “Nu Metal” groups and after a 13 year hiatus they’re well and truly back! Not only is their new album “Rivals” a damn good one it just may be their best yet and is a very big contender for album of the year. Don’t sleep on “Rivals” it is without doubt a master piece and a must listen for any metal fan.

Dez is quick to point out it is “NOT” a 90’s throwback record and nobody in the band intended for it to be that way, it is what it is! In Dez’s words this would be how Coal Chamber would sound 13 years on without the hiatus. The result certainly speaks for itself and talking to Dez was once again an honour, there’s just something truly awesome about these humble metal dudes.

Will “Rivals” be a once off? Can we expect to see a return to Australia for Coal Chamber? What does the future hold for Dez’s other group “DevilDriver”?  How was it reuniting with the band? We answer all of these questions and put Dez to the “Australian slang” test!

Check it out for yourself:


May 18th, 2015

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