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Drowning Pool ft. Metal Grandpa

Drowning Pool ft. Metal Grandpa

Remember back in June when 82 year old Grandpa John Hetlinger shocked the world and performed Drowning Pool’s smash hit  “Bodies” on America’s Got Talent? Well we can’t front, we don’t watch America’s Got Talent or any of those talent shows for that matter but this was something special.

It went viral and deservedly so, check it out here:

Well John recently lived out his dreams and performed “Bodies” at Chicago’s Open Air Festival and it was nothing short of amazing. The video isn’t the greatest quality but check it out here:

Look the hell out Australia/New Zealand because we are so close to Drowning Pool heading our way now. Peep the dates, grab your tickets and get ready for their first visit in 14 years!


Pick up your tickets NOW:




July 17th, 2016

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