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Fear Factory “Genexus” Review

Fear Factory “Genexus” Review

Fear Factory 2015

In 1990 the music scene was in chaos, the number one song at the time was by some guy with a bad eighties mullet singing about his “Achey Breaky Heart” What ever that means? Seriously look it up, I’ll wait. Bad right? Man, who ever came up with that needs to be shamed, BUT there was hope, even though Metallica and Nirvana were still a few months from changing music for the better, four kids from LA came together and the stars aligned, the earth shook (yadda yadda yadda, I got no more clichés I can use here) and laid the foundations for an unstoppable machine that would strike fear into humanity. That machine was named Fear Factory.

Twenty Five years later, Fear Factory are stronger than ever and are gearing up to unleash their ninth album, the third since the return of founding guitarist Dino Cazares in 2009 Genexus. Dino also took on bass duties for the album as former Static X and Soulfly bassist joined the band after the recording process was completed. Longtime producer Rhys Fulber is back behind the desk and coming up with Fear Factory’s trademark futuristic samples that again make this album sound ahead of its time (Demanufacture is a prime example, it sounded like it was made in 2015 not 1995).

Once again the concept of man Vs machine is the main feature of Genexus and follows the tradition of previous releases from Demanufacture to 2012’s The Industrialist (Although they did defer for Archetype and Transgression, which are still kick ass albums) and does not miss a step Dino’s driven riffs and thundering bass work coincide well with Mike Heller’s drums and Burtons trademark switch vocals. Throw in Fulber’s samples and production and you get a futuristic classic and between you and me, no one else could have pulled it off. Don’t believe me? Check out the lyric video for “Soul Hacker” right here. Again I’ll wait…

Even though previous albums looked at man and machine becoming a singularity, Genexus on the other hand revolves around mankind becoming a virus to take down the machines (Sounds very Terminator meets Blade Runner doesn’t it?). Right from the opening track “Autonomus Combat System” the listener is taken on a futuristic journey where John Conner must destroy Skyne…. Oops that’s Terminator again, but you get the picture.

The machine that is Fear Factory is showing no signs of slowing down and gets more and more powerful every day so prepare for salvation, the Genexus is upon us.

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Jase L Herbert


July 22nd, 2015

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