Foreign Hands “What’s Left Unsaid” Available Now

June 24, 2024 - Underground News

The debut album “What’s Left Unsaid” from Wilmington, Delaware metalcore outfit “Foreign Hands” is finally here!

To accompany the release is a brand new video for “Shapeless In The Dark”:

The band divulges: Shapeless in the Dark is the amalgamation of our farther reaching influences. This track carries a more ‘theatric’ pace and was the result of a very experimental writing process. It carries some borrowed essences all the way from Crosses to Failure, who happened to be two artists we had on repeat at the time. We all poured lots of hard work into making this song a fully-realized entity through our own lens, and are pleased to offer it as our final single in tandem with the release of our debut LP, What’s Left Unsaid.

Track List:

01. Resetting the Senses
02. A Memory in Latency
03. God Under Fingernails
04. Laceration Wings
05. Horror Domain
06. Conditioned For a Head On Collision ft. Olli Appleyard
07. Shapeless In The Dark
08. Adversity’s Spitting Image
09. Until The Sun Fades ft. Matthew Mixon
10. Magnetic Roses

What’s Left Unsaid is available through Sharptone Records: https://bfan.link/what-s-left-unsaid

Keep up to date with Foreign Hands: https://foreignhandshc.bandcamp.com/

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