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Fozzy “Judas” Almost here!

Fozzy “Judas” Almost here!

Fozzy’s brand new album “Judas” is just around the corner with a Friday October 13th release date slated in…

Check out their awesome video for the title track here:

Here’s what vocalist Chris Jericho had to say about the success of the video so far:

‘’I think it’s the right song at the right place at the right time. I think there’s been a lot of goodwill towards Fozzy over the years with a slow and steady build. And I think that I had such a huge year last year in 2016 in the WWE that a lot of people wanted to check out why I left the WWE to go to Fozzy and they gave us a chance when they hadn’t in the past. And as a result, heard this song Judas, which is our best song. So, hooky, so heavy, so dark the lyrics are very dark. Everyone can relate to those lyrics. I think like I said it’s just a great piece of timing and that so many people check out the band that never had in the past. And then hearing this amazing song with these lyrics that everybody can relate to ‘’Everyone I’ve Ever Loved I’ve Pushed Them All Away’’


October 2nd, 2017

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