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Fred Flipper Frankenstein Interview

Fred Flipper Frankenstein Interview

Fred Flipper Frankenstein is making big moves in The Underground, just one year into his solo career he’s already released a bunch of videos, a full length album, gained a strong fan base and is already working on a follow up ep as well as a new full length. Not a bad effort hey?

We’ve renamed February “Flippuary” and have shined the spotlight on Flipper throughout the month finishing up with this exclusive interview!

Get to know the next big thing in “The Underground” as we cover his latest album “Lord Flipper”, his upcoming ep “Sacrifice”, his views on The Underground scene, upcoming videos and just what the future holds for 2016 and beyond. Watch this space as Fred Flipper Frankenstein is about to make serious moves in our scene!

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February 24th, 2016

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