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Gloom in the Corner “Flesh & Bones” EP

Gloom in the Corner “Flesh & Bones” EP

Melbourne’s The Gloom In The Corner, released their latest EP “Flesh & Bones” on May 30 and with it a brand new video in “Peace”:

More details:

Sonically, The Gloom In The Corner take their audiences through a myriad of violent, moody and radiant emotions. The band’s heavy focus on lyrical narrative allow the listener to dive deep into the music and pull out more than the basic primal energy that heavy music creates.

Story and melody unite and serve each other equally, thinking persons metal? Well they definitely want you to do more than move your body to their rhythms, exercise your mind as well.   The Gloom In The Corner have developed a loyal fan base across Australia over the last several years via a live show that has been described as “explosive” and featuring “full crowds getting into the band physically and vocally”.

They have performed with artists such as The Plot In You, Dream On Dreamer, A Night In Texas, Polaris and more!

Listen to “Flesh & Bones” here: https://linktr.ee/thegloominthecornvr

Find out more about “Gloom in the Corner” here: https://www.thegloominthecorner.com/

Like “Gloom in the Corner” on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/tgitcband/



June 7th, 2019

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