Good Things Festival 2023

December 5, 2023 - Gig Reviews

As far as Australian festivals go “Good Things” has cemented itself as the premier event for the more alternative crowd and that first weekend in December is one marked off in the calendar for months in advance. Good Things 2023 was no different and featured one of the most random yet epic line ups Australia has seen in a good minute. Limp Bizkit and Devo anyone? Boom Crash Opera and Sepultura? The promoters were onto something that is for sure, something for everyone! As soon as that schedule was released, you know we had to make a plan and it looked something like this…



Rolling into the city around midday was our first mistake of the day, hindsight is a fantastic thing and next year, two nights accommodation is a must if we want to catch any of the earlier sets. We unfortunately missed “The Plot In You” who I had been looking forward to seeing, getting hooked on their single “Forgotten”. Like Jamey Jasta says though – “A Lesson Lived, Is A Lesson Learned”. Next year we’ll be all over it. This gave us a chance to explore the area, find some merch and get ready for one of the best punk outfits of all time “Pennywise”. These guys haven’t missed a beat despite guitarist Fletcher Dragge being in pain, struggling with back issues but in true Fletcher fashion he saw the entire set out joking that he may die after it!

Despite recent controversy there’s no denying Corey Taylor is one of the most, if not THE most talented artist in the world right now. Is there anything this man cannot do musically? His audience interaction, lyric delivery and genuine love for the stage go unmatched. What a fun set with the band even doing a cover of INXS’s “Don’t Change” to the delight of the audience, throw in the Spongebob Squarepants theme and you have yourself a winner. The best bit? It’s still early!

Although nostalgia was big at Good Things there was also some of that new, well relatively newish. Fittingly I Prevail (Established 2013) would take the stage before Limp Bizkit in what I would almost say is the best of that old school in LB mixed in with the sound of the next decade and beyond in I Prevail. If you’re looking for something that is set to peel your wig back, then Detroit’s I Prevail may just be for you. Releasing their third full length album “True Power” last year and featuring dual vocalists Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe these guys do not disappoint with an energy second to none. Bashing out hits with flames erupting out of the front of the stage made for the ultimate warm up for that big time nostalgia fix in the Limp B.I.Z.K.I.T!

Enter Fred Durst or should we say Outlaw Durst in full effect. Anyone that is hating on Limp Bizkit certainly wasn’t vocal about it on Friday night. The pit was jam packed and at one point, I was genuinely concerned I may be crushed! However, there was only positivity. Throwing back to the late 90’s era as Fred busted out “Break Stuff” not once, but twice. He even stopped mid “Faith” to check on a fan, ensuring she was ok before continuing. I would describe Durst’s stage presence as effortless, not trying to be edgy or out there just laid back and it made for the most memorable set of the day. If you haven’t seen them live you’re missing out, it’s as simple as that.

Fall Out Boy were up next and that was our day done, headed to the car buzzing after seeing four amazing sets. It was a bit of a case of what could have been though? We were at the main stage all day and missed sets from Sepultura, Frenzal Rhomb, Ocean Sleeper and more! If anyone has advice on how you can jam it all into one day without dying, we’d love to know! In between sets we caught bits of Bullet for My Valentine and Slowly Slowly who both sounded great bringing a different set of energy to their performances.

Hats off to the team at Good Things, you have pulled off probably the best one yet and managed to do it with some extreme varieties in bands. Bring on 2024!

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