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Grey Wolf Wrestling – RTW: nWo “Souled Out” podcast

Grey Wolf Wrestling – RTW: nWo “Souled Out” podcast

Be sure to check out our Podcast network “Grey Wolf” , if you are a wrestling fan throw back to the Monday Night Wars with “Reliving the War”!

Their latest episode shines the spotlight on nWo’s “Souled Out” pay per view:

With the WWF on it’s knees and barely able to fill the 30 spots in the Royal Rumble, WCW are flying high at the start of 1997 and the New World Order is the hottest act in town. So what better way than to start off the new year, with the first Pay Per View being all nWo. Join Simon and Nims as they look at the most daring event of the Monday Night Wars when WCW ditched the WCW, and went all in on the nWo!!

Grey Wolf Wrestling


February 13th, 2021

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