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Halloween to Split Your Spleen 2013

Halloween to Split Your Spleen 2013

There’s no other podcast that is more fun to record than the annual “Halloween to Split Your Spleen” show, and this one is certainly no exception!

In the entire history of “The Underground” there has never been a more highly anticipated “Horror Movie” quiz then the one between our droogie, Herbz, and the Hitchcock Of Hip Hop, “Prozak”! With a high amount of trash talk and the best edition of Underground TV ever backing Herbz, surely this is his year?

KidCrusher, a long time friend of the show, has almost gone into hiding. He has been keeping low and hasn’t spoken despite the massive announcement of opening for the upcoming “Insane Clown Posse” tour in December! KC breaks the silence and delves into a deep lengthy interview, discussing why it’s taking so long for Metal Murder 3D to be released, the ICP tour, when he’ll finally get to America, his personal battles, and a whole lot more!

Open Minded’s “Phatboi Phresh” takes us on in a “Horror Movie” debate, giving us his opinions on what we should check out this Halloween and what we should steer clear of! (Please note we disagree with him mostly, hahaha)

Plus all of your usual Halloween flavoured music, tales, craziness, Herbz…. and a whole lot more! So what are you waiting for? Download now!!


October 30th, 2013

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