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Hatebreed: The Concrete Confessional Review

Hatebreed: The Concrete Confessional Review

Album Review: Hatebreed, The Concrete Confessional
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: Friday May 13 2016
Reviewed by: Jase L Herbert

There are not many bands that command their audience with non stop relentless energy and a primal scream that awakens our inner beast than Hatebreed.

Formed in Conneticut in 1994, Hatebreed rose to the fore front of the Hardcore scene in 1997 with their album “Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire” and have whipped crowds into a frenzy around the world ever since.

The single “I Will Be Heard” from 2002’s “Perseverace” brought Hatebreed into the Mainstream Metal scene, with “Live For This” from 2003’s “The Rise Of Brutality” earning a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance.


Hatebreed’s seventh studio album “The Concrete Confessional” from start to finish is a Hardcore/Metal masterpiece, the opening track “A.D”gets the listener hooked almost instantly, there’s no slow intro that builds to the opening riff, it just hits you in the face right from the very beginning.

The relentlessness continues throughout the entire album through to the albums closing track “Serve Your Masters” which in this writers interpretation can be seen as a look at today’s current political system.The Concrete Confessional is as one has come to know and love from Hatebreed, brutally heavy music combined with Jamey Jasta’s powerful vocals belting out lyrics about social injustice, police brutality, and the state of the world today.

You can check out the video for “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” right here:

The stand out tracks on “The Concrete Confessional” are “A.D”, “Looking Down the Barrel of Today”, “The Apex Within” and “Serve Your Masters” even though the whole album is great track after great track filled with raw power and aggression that has made Hatebreed the dominant force they are today.

Check out our exclusive interview with Jamey Jasta right here:

Keep it hard, keep it heavy, stay Underground

Jase L Herbert


May 14th, 2016

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