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Hed Pe & Nonpoint “Live at the Zoo” review

Hed Pe & Nonpoint “Live at the Zoo” review

Band: Hed Pe & Nonpoint

Venue: The Zoo, Brisbane

Date: Sunday, June 30, 2019

Reviewer: Sky Hayes

United together defiant of the responsibilities Monday morning brings us the diverse Sunday night crowd of Punk rockers, hip hoppers, metal heads and even juggalos curiously wandered onto the stage front, intrigued as “Tai Sui” began playing the opening set. Enchanting the venue with a unique sound that peaked the interest of listeners and winning over new fans with nods of approval, they set the scene for the night to come!

Non-Point then kicked the intensity level up to 11 with vocalist Elias invoking his rule of three –

“1. fists in the air 2. bodies in the air or 3. bodies in the pit” and the crowd obeyed exploding into a swirl of head banging, fist pumping and floor stomping!

Gig goers sang along in unison to their favourite songs as Elias fist bumped their outstretched hands, took their phones from them, filmed and snapped selfies on their behalf, informing the crowd that they would be back to perform again in just six months…

The main event began with Hed PE performing a Hip-hop melodic rendition of their old school classic “Killing Time”. In fashion truly only owned by Hed they lubed up the crowd, eased into the set with rhythmic beat rides and instrumental appetisers before dropping it into a heavy hitting metal frenzy!

Hed pe are known to have a talent for blurring the lines between genres and this show was no exception, taking their audience for a taste test of musical treats. Building their fans up to ecstatic heights, dropping the bomb into the mosh pit waters. Just as it begins to get too wild in the frey, bringing audio onlookers back down to earth again with a hypnotic reggae flow at the precise moment it’s needed, soothing the frenzy back into a unified lull of chanting and singing. They know how to read their crowd and It’s almost as if they are playing the audience as an instrument essential to their performance.

Moshing on a Sunday night?

It can be a thing!

And a thing it certainly was for the Crowd at Non-Point and Hed PE at The Zoo in Brisbane this past Sunday night…


July 4th, 2019

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