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Herbert vs Hitchcock – Round 3 Promo

Herbert vs Hitchcock – Round 3 Promo

October 2010, marked the beginning of a great rivalry in Underground history! A new challenge was born, a horror movie quiz where the winner would claim bragging rights in the entire Underground scene! This battle would go down to the wire where “Prozak” would get the better of our dude “Herbz” cementing him as the number one horror/movie guru in the scene! One year would pass by and once again come Halloween 2011, Herbz and Prozak would battle it out with the same result. Herbz would go into hiding skipping Halloween 2012, leaving Prozak sitting on 2 – 0.

That brings us to now two years later; Herbz has come out of hiding and is back (still shower less) and ready to take a title that he believes should have always been his. The battle field is set Herbert vs Hitchcock Round 3, the winner takes all… Well until next year anyway!

Watch the teaser video featuring a Prozak cameo here:

Find out who wins 2013’s epic “Horror Quiz” between Herbz & Prozak  Devils Night/October 30.


October 27th, 2013

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