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Hop Is Back – New Interview

Hop Is Back – New Interview

Hopsin’s rise to the top has been a remarkable one to say the least; it feels like only yesterday Hop was one of The Underground’s finest trying to leave his mark on the industry. Fast forward a couple of years and Hop has blown up so much so that he is no longer considered Underground but one of the world’s best and taken his label “Funk Volume” along for the ride.

A pretty big accomplishment for a dude that until recently lived in his parents basement! We haven’t spoken to Hop since his December 2013 Melbourne show where it appeared he was almost done with rapping all together. Pound Syndrome definitely proves that Hop is well and truly back and here to stay and has left us itching for more!

We cover a bunch in this interview including the new album, where the inspiration for the song “Ramona” came from, moving to Australia, new music, new videos and a whole lot more including his Aussie impersonation that will leave you in stitches!

Listen for yourself here:


August 14th, 2015

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