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Insane E – The Art of Blaowww

Insane E – The Art of Blaowww

If you’re after some dope new music (and who isn’t?) don’t sleep on Insane E’s “The Art of Blaowww” this one is full of flavour and we’ve been bumping it non stop!

Here’s a brief write up from Insane E himself:

Not that anyone even knew, because I didn’t announce it, but I was sold out of Art of Blaowww CD’s after the 420 Weekend Shows, and now The Art of Blaowww is back in stock! If you haven’t heard the album yet, what the hell are you waiting for??? You can listen to the album on youtube, Spotify, and iHeart Radio, and you can order the album on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby & More! If you want the bonus covers and collectors cards, order now at the website in the merch section!!! Thank you all for the support!!!

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You can order a whole bunch of awesome Insane E merch, aswell as his album right here:


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May 28th, 2016

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