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Jerry Only Interview

Jerry Only Interview

The Misfits are best known for their Halloween like antics but this year it’s going to be all about Christmas, well for us New Zealand/Australian fans anyway! That’s right “The Misfits” are heading back our way this December and playing their epic albums “Earth AD” and “Static Age” in full, this has us extra hyped!

I caught up with Jerry Only last week to get the inside scoop on the tour and to find out how his son “Jerry Junior” is fitting into the band. We also discuss what the future holds, the release of the next “Misfits” album, recording a full length Christmas album, his favourite movie appearance’s, working towards that “50 years of Misfits” goal and a whole LOT more. It goes without saying that Jerry is one of our all-time favourite guests and it was great to have him on the show once again, listen in for yourself here:


September 15th, 2015

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