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Jimmy Donn – Anxiety Music: The Director’s Cut

Jimmy Donn – Anxiety Music: The Director’s Cut

Jimmy’s Donn’s latest album “Anxiety Music – The Director’s Cut” is your January 2017 feature album, this one is so powerful it’s currently more than holding it’s own in our annual album of the year awards!

Check out the track listing here:

Anxiety Music: The Directors Cut

01. The Voices Intro (feat. Limit)
02. Sheep (feat. Debra G)
03. Doomsday (feat. Ren Thomas)
04. Unsteady (feat. Dan Rodriguez & Debra G)
05. No Rest for the Wicked (feat. Limit)
06. Been Through It
07. Thinking like god
08. Almost Famous (feat. Ren Thomas)
09. Unreal
10. Self Medicated (feat. Doobie)
11. Zombie
12. Dark Waves Part 2
13. The Place that I call Home (feat. Joey Oz)
14. Alone in this Darkness
15. Call for Help (feat. A.C.E.)
16. My Eulogy

17. Threat (Limit)
18. Broken Mirror (Limit)
19. Better Place (Limit)
20. Die Rich (Limit)

We said powerful right? Well peep the video “Unsteady” right here:

Jimmy Donn never strays away from controversy or the lime light and this is evident in the Director’s Cut of “Anxiety Music”…

Follow this link to purchase the album through itunes, digitally or a hard copy:


And of course keep up to date with all things Jimmy Donn & Sicfux entertainment at Jimmy’s official facebook page:



January 2nd, 2017

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