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Kidcrusher: Australian tour edition

Kidcrusher: Australian tour edition

Our first ever tour is just over a month away and we have three podcast specials to drop on your ear drums before Australia’s biggest Underground tour of the year! The Australian Alien “Kidcrusher” is set to join Boondox and on his first ever tour the dead man himself “Blaze Ya Dead Homie”.We talk to KC about finally heading back to the states and when that might happen, supporting Tech N9ne earlier in the year, winning Faygoluvers Metal album of the year with “Metal Murder 3D”, The Underground Assault and just what fans can expect! This is more than just three rappers getting on stage, you are getting a full stage show! All of this plus KC answers your fan questions in what turns out to be one of our most fun interviews yet, the Assault is just a little over a month away! Time to really get amped by checking out “The Underground Assault: Kidcrusher Special”.


May 15th, 2015

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