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KillSET – Killers In The Pit (S.T.F.U)

KillSET – Killers In The Pit (S.T.F.U)

Here’s a great new group that we’ve recently discovered “KillSET” who have just released their album “S.T.F.U” which is a really, really solid album…

Check out their video “Killers In The Pit”:

Purchase the album: https://killset.hearnow.com/

Find out more about the group here:

KillSET based out of L.A., California is the integration of a professional, well-oiled, finely tuned metal machine and an explosive, supercharged charismatic front man.
The band was created when former ARCM members, James “Jas” Dillon (Drums), Mark Baker (Bass), and Dave Comer (Guitars), combined forces with established singer Luca (Choleric). Instantly, there was an addictive atmosphere in the writing process.  The contributions and writing styles of each member perfectly complemented one another’s individual strengths to create a sound that beautifully kills.
KillSET then joined forces with renowned producer, Eddie Wohl (Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists) and completed their debut, full-length album, ‘Know Your Killer,’ demonstrating their signature sound of pure ferocity and simple beauty. The overwhelming support of the freshman album led to worldwide radio play and presented KillSET with the opportunities to share the stage with Fear Factory, Otep, Red, Adrenaline Mob, Flaw, Nothing More, and Saliva.
 Subsequently, the band chose to embark on another musical journey, again collaborating with producer Eddie Wohl, culminating in a sophomore effort that will certainly impact anyone who dares to listen. Transcending the current generic norm, the new album, ‘S.T.F.U.’, has a unique style and flavor that is simply undeniable.



July 30th, 2017

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