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Kung Fu Vampire Interview

Kung Fu Vampire Interview

For years we’ve been big fans of Kung Fu Vampire and for years we have wanted him to feature on the show, but for one reason and another it just hasn’t happened… Until now! We recently caught up with Kung Fu for this well over due interview where we talk to him about being a Dad and a Vampire! Being labelled as the “Weird” guy on the block, his super awesome yet super creepy video “Slice of Life”, performing at the Playboy Mansion, his upcoming album “Look Alive” and a bunch more! Take some time out and listen to the interview and once you’re done peep the Slice of Life video, The Underground is more than alive with artists like Kung Fu staking their claim and here to stay!

Listen here:

Watch “Slice of Life” here:


October 7th, 2015

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