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Locksmith Interview & Beast Mode 2 Video

Locksmith Interview & Beast Mode 2 Video

California’s “Lock Smith” is less than a week away from touring Australia for the very first time! We caught up with Lock during the week to get the low down on the tour where he’ll join Fight Music’s “Smacktown” for a string of shows! We talk Hip Hop and his view on the evolution of it since he started back in 2003, is it better or worse? Lock gives his takes on touring alongside some of the biggest names in the genre including Jedi Mind Tricks and R.A the Rugged Man. Plus we try our best to get as much inside information as we can on his new album “Lofty Goals” which is out soon! All this and a whole lot more including putting him to our now infamous Australian “Slang” challenge, let’s face it we say some pretty odd things! Can Lock decipher any of them?

Listen in here to find out:



We haven’t even mentioned the brand new “Smacktown” video “Beast Mode 2” that features “Lock Smith” in it! This song/video is absolutely devastating and many have labelled it too hardcore for their blogs or websites, not us! It is our current feature video and easily the best video we’ve seen this year if not for a long time. DO NOT sleep on it, be prepared to be devastated and watch/listen right here:



April 19th, 2015

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