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Madchild Australian Tour Postponed

Madchild Australian Tour Postponed

Well this is some devastating news for fellow Battleaxe Warriors, Madchild’s Australian tour has been postponed. Here’s the official word from the tour page https://www.facebook.com/madchildoz/?fref=ts

Urgent announcement! The Australian tour has regretfully been postponed due to the fact the Visa which was granted well in advance of his arrival date was then flagged for a review and the time frame given to organizers was impossible to comply with in order to make the beginning of the tour. On behalf of Angela and Shane who head the promotions team we ask for you the fans support and understanding as ideally we want to stage the best tour possible for you and will not cancel. We repeat the tour is NOT cancelled and is being postponed with new dates coming asap in line with Madchilds current touring schedule. All tickets will remain VALID. His visa will be approved with the new compliance issue resolved. Anyone who cannot make the new dates of course can obtain a refund and please contact your point of purchase. Just like Swollen in 2014 the shows where all selling nicely so we hope with additional time to sell all these shows out and give the Australian Baxwar fans a night to remember!

Axes up – thankyou for your understanding away word from Madchild coming asap!

Stay posted right here, when we know more we’ll let you know!


December 9th, 2015

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