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Madchild Interview

Madchild Interview

We caught up with Prevail recently who broke the news that “Swollen Members” are heading our way in September! The tour is now less than a month away! So what better time to catch up with his partner in crime, Madchild?

Fresh ahead of his European tour Madchild takes time out to talk with us about his upcoming release “Switched On” which actually drops during his tour of Australia. He also lets us know why there’s no slowing down with album releases, his upcoming project with Slaine (Supreme Villain), life on the road, not being a Juggalo but being down with the clown and a whole bunch more!

The tour is fast approaching, now is the time to listen in and get the inside word about it from the man himself…. Madchild!

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September 4th, 2014

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