Mike’s Dead – Bestrafe Mich (Punish Me)

April 29, 2024 - Underground News

Here’s an artist to keep an eye on – Mike’s Dead!

Each song keeps getting better and better with his latest track “Bestrafe Mich (Punish me in German) being no exception.

Check out the visualiser:

On the track “Mike’s Dead” says:

Bestrafe Mich (Punish Me) is just raw, aggressive sexual energy. Lately I feel like each release grows in power and ambition and Bestrafe Mich is probably one of the most “Mike’s Dead” songs I’ve ever released. I have to be honest I didn’t set out with the intention of writing a song like this; Bestrafe Mich started in my notes on my phone. I think I was driving and I remember thinking “punish me would be a really sick song name” and then googled the German translation for it. Weeks later I was working w/ my friend Jonathan who co-produced this with me, and everything just clicked. I wrote that pre chorus “I want you nails under my skin” part in maybe 3 minutes. It was one of those songs that just flowed out instantly and I think that translates to being a phenomenal end product. Insanely excited for people to hear this one (especially live) and get weird.

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