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Morus “Another Day, Another Dollar” premiere

Morus “Another Day, Another Dollar” premiere

Sydney hardcore rapper “Morus” is back with a brand new track “Another Day Another Dollar” dropping exclusively on The Underground and setting the scene for his upcoming EP, Dream Time. Morus aims for people to take from the song that no dream is too big to achieve. If you truly feel in your heart it is your purpose and calling you should never give up, build on the small wins and eventually you will be living the dream that was once only in your mind.

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Speaking on the track further Morus says “It’s a glimpse back in time to a very crucial point in my life. I was about 18 years old and had just left home. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with my situation as a carpentry apprentice and started to spiral into a deep depression. Sometimes I’d call in sick for a week and self-medicate with weed and stay in bed to deal with it.”

“Eventually I quit my apprenticeship and decided to chase my dreams of breaking into the music industry. The song itself details my shift in attitude from self-doubt, anxiety and depression to standing back up with confidence and faith in myself to manifest whatever I want in my life regardless of how large the task was, I was set to accomplish it.”

Morus’s big hope from the song is that people who are suffering from any mental illness can find solace in that they aren’t alone and that to become well again isn’t an impossible task, although it m may feel like it.

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December 22nd, 2018

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