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New Interview: Hopsin – Aus/NZ Tour Special

New Interview: Hopsin – Aus/NZ Tour Special

SURPRISE! We’ve been sitting on this interview with Funk Volume’s finest “Hopsin” for a little while now and what better time to drop it than a week out from his return to Australia and New Zealand? Aussie/NZ Hip/Rap fans are extra hype right now and with good reason! Hop, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and DJ Hoppa are set to bring us our Christmas presents a little earlier this year with the “2015 Funk Volume” tour!

Hop lets us know how the reaction to his latest album “Pound Syndrome” has been, he gives us the inside scoop on why he put up 500k for a rap challenge, we find how he ended up on “Murder in the First”, what brought him to boiling point in Fort Collins, the future of Funk Volume, where he can see himself in five years’ time and can we expect any new signings on Funk Volume anytime soon? Find out all in this exclusive interview. Plus Hop takes on our “Aussie Slang” challenge! If you STILL haven’t got your tour tickets to the tour be sure to pick them up! Listen to the interview first though, haha:

Grab all of the details and tickets for next weeks “Funk Volume” tour here:



December 7th, 2015

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